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Most people have experienced some episode of anxiety during their lifetime. For others it is more permanent. It is a normal reaction to a difficult situation. Whether you suffer from panic attacks, general anxeity, social anxiety or have other anxiety disorders, it is possible to get better.  With patience, challenging yourself a little and practicing facing up to what triggers the anxiety, you may feel more in control of your life over time. Therapy can often help a person find the root cause of the anxiety and offer support as you begin to make changes.  


Depression is a mood disorder that tends to cause feelings of loss, sadness and a lack of interest in things you'd normally enjoy. It can affect the way you think, feel and behave. Depression isn't neccessarily something that you can "snap out" of or pull yourself together from. For some, the depression may worsen over time unless help is sought.  

Although everyone's path through therapy is different, the process can be an opportunity to discover what is causing this emotional pain. Once the healing process is allowed begin, people often find better ways to cope with their depression better. Developing a toolbox for what works for you is important. 

Adolescent Therapy

We are social beings with lots of attachments and connections to other people. When these relationships break down, be it with a colleague, family member or partner, it can cause unimaginable pain. Therapy is a good place to make sense of these relationships. Sometimes a person might need tools and strategies for dealing with an abusive person in their lives. Or perhaps a grieving process needs to take place when a relationship is lost. Or you may need to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

I do not provide couple's counselling, but am happy to explore attachments and relationships you have in your life.  

Online Sessions

Trauma is having experienced or survived a deeply distressing event/events. It can leave deep emotional and psychological scars that linger for months or years after the event has passed. Examples are sexual abuse, car accidents, losing a loved one suddenly to name a few. 

 A percentage of individuals who have experienced trauma develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but not everyone. Living with unresolved trauma can feel chaotic, confusing and some people carry feelings of shame. Emotional processing of these event is important.

The aim of therapy, using certain techniques is to be able to make sense of the event, and practice thinking about it until the event no longer feels completely overwhelming. Or that the event has less power over someone's life.

I have 2 weekly spaces available earmarked specifically for one-to-one therapy with adolecents 13 years and up. Themes often revolve around bullying, self-esteem, depression and anxiety. I will seek to have a good dialogue with the parent(s)/guardian(s) around how to support their teen. This, while also respecting the privacy of the teen and what is shared in the session. Contact me for more info on availability and confidentiality. 

I offer sessions by Zoom and phone. It is preferable to meet at least once face to face first if at all possible.  

Online sessions must be agreed in advanced.  

Annika Fogarty C. Psychol. PsSI 


I'm a chartered Counselling Psychologist. I have been working with individuals since I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2006 with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. I hold a professional certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

As I love to learn, I am in the process of becoming certified in Emotion Focused Therapy Level 3. In 2014 I completed a diploma in Family Therapy.  

I am also involved in research projects with Trinity College.  

Any psychologist worth their salt should belong to a professional body and mine is the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) where I am a chartered member. 



Annika Fogarty, C.Psychol. PsSI

GPs, psychiatrists and health professionals: I work with a number of GPs and referrals are welcome.

Fees can be claimed against health insurance depending on the provider and plan you have. 

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Open for face to face sessions. Covid measures in place. 


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