My Approach

When coming to therapy, we will sit down together and I will start by asking you some questions about what has brought you to counselling and how the problem started. We will try to define your experience and we will discuss what you want from counselling. Some clients come in with a very clear goal, like"I need to be able to overcome my anxiety so I can go to the shops again". For others, it takes a few sessions to become clear about what they need from counselling. There is no right or wrong. 

When deciding which approach is the right one, we can piece this together collaboratively. Sometimes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a perfect fit, and sometimes a more exploratory psychotherapy model is a better fit. 

How many sessions? 

Clients often want to know how many sessions they need in order to improve. The simple answer is that some clients come in for one or two sessions and see that as sufficient. For others who want to get to the root of a more complex issue, the number of sessions is higher. You can also do a block of sessions, take a break, and then come back if that's required. 


Annika Fogarty, C.Psychol. PsSI

GPs, psychiatrists and health professionals: I work with a number of GPs and referrals are welcome.

Fees can be claimed against health insurance depending on the provider and plan you have. 

12 Lower Main Street


Co. Dublin, K78 W0Y6

Open for face to face sessions. Covid measures in place. 



Phone: 089 - 414 6276   (Mon-Fri 9 am - 6 pm)